Raspberry Sugar

12 July 2014

Summer sweetness…perfect for using up the last of the raspberries or for a handful of wild raspberries harvested in the edible landscape…

And really easy to do:

– dry the raspberries either in the oven (50°C fan oven for a couple of hours) or in the sun (about 1 day full sun)

– once dry, combine the raspberries with refined sugar equal to about half the weight of the dried raspberries (i.e. 2:1 ratio of raspberries to sugar) – you can use a higher ratio of sugar according to taste but do not go below a ratio of 2:1 otherwise you will not have enough sugar content to preserve the raspberries.

– Blend the sugar and dried raspberries in a blender until you have a fine, pink, raspberry-scented sugar.

– Store in an air-tight container and use for dusting (cakes, desserts) and flavouring (milkshakes, smoothies, ice cream, yoghurts)…

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