The Scented Kitchen

22 May 2014

The Scented Kitchen, by Frances Bissell and published by Serif Books – one of my discoveries from 2013 and what a delight this book is – just listen to the chapter on Elderflowers: Elderflower Milk Punch, White Peach and Elderflower Jam, Elderflower Custard, Strawberry and Elderflower Jelly… 

…and that’s just (some of) the sweets – here come the savouries: Mackerel in Elderflower Vinegar, Elderflower Cream Cheese Mousse, Elderflower Mayonnaise… the list goes on.

If you are an elderflower fan, this is a book you will love!

(And no, no-one is paying me to say this… I am simply expressing pure elderflower enthusiasm!)


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