Hooch from the Hedgerow: Blackberry Liqueur


Advent moves into its second week this Sunday and this week’s Advent tipple is even easier than last week’s Walnut Liqueur because you do not even have to cut up the blackberries like you do the green walnuts…

 … all you need is a quantity of picked blackberries, placed in a jar one third larger than the quantity of blackberries,

filled one third full of sugar and then filled to the top with vodka… sealed and infused for about 3 months …

strained (keep the very boozy blackberries for use in a dessert …)

… and bottled to be enjoyed in the Festive Season…

 I’ll remind you of this again come blackberry time… for now I am enjoying the fruits of my labours…

… cheers!

Images courtesy of www.taylorsphotosafaris.co.uk

2 thoughts on “Hooch from the Hedgerow: Blackberry Liqueur

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