The Quintessential Quince: Quince Liqueur


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The last stop before Christmas, the fourth Sunday in Advent, is approaching …

We have done the Walnut, the Blackberry, and the Sloe Liqueurs.

Now it is time for my most favourite of autumn fruit turned into our fourth Advent tipple:

the quince.

Quince liqueur unfiltered with copyright

Quince liqueur prior to filtering and after it has spent about two months infusing: two raw, grated quinces, finely chopped fresh ginger, ground cinnamon, a touch of ground nutmeg, 500 g of caster sugar in a preserving jar topped up with brandy (in my case) or vodka.

(Recipe courtesy of The Foodie Bugle.)

Quince Liqueur glass with copyright

Quince liqueur after filtering (I turned the brandied, spiced grated quince into “Brandied Quince Preserve” by boiling it down with about 500 ml of apple juice…)

Quince liqueur with copyright

Quince liqueur ready for Christmas 🙂

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