Citrus and spice and all things nice…

Lemon Curd

 P1150526 (2)

Received this week as a gift from one of my faithful blog followers here in Franconia… What a lovely – and delicious – surprise, just like Mum used to make it (takes me right back here: memory’s myth land) and it pairs up really well with Hazelnut Crispbreads.

Thank you so much Karin!

 And the citrus hasn’t stopped there: I am currently working my way through a treasure of a cookbook received as a gift last autumn:

 P1150527 (2)

Preserving, by Emma Macdonald

of The Bay Tree fame, published by Nourish Books 2014

The photography is classy, the recipes (both classic and contemporary) truly inspirational.

 (And just for the record: apart from owning the book, I have no connection whatsoever to either the author or affiliates…)

 A tale of kitchen table talent, here’s where you can read up on the story behind the book:

 And here’s where you can see what I have been testing and tasting this week:

 Orange & Cardamom Marmelade

 P1150541 (2) P1150547 (3)

Lemon and Lavender Marmelade

(the recipe calls for lavender flowers and lavender essence – I had a couple of bottles of lavender syrup left over from the summer so worked those into the recipe instead…)

 P1150531 (2) P1150557 (3)

Assessment: top marks awarded by both Hermann the German and Mini-Kraut – one of the most stringent juries out there..

 P.S. the book also contains a recipe for Lemon Curd…

8 thoughts on “Citrus and spice and all things nice…

  1. Lovely post and photos. I was just thinking of making marmalade, something I rarely do, but you have given me some ideas. Those crispbreads look very tempting too!

    Liked by 1 person

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