Hedgerow hues and meadow motifs for Easter

One of the most charming Easter traditions here in Franconia: decorating the wells and fountains with brighly coloured Easter Eggs …

Edible eggs in bright colours are also to be found throughout Germany at this time of year but the bought versions are just too garish and – frankly – suspect (how old are the eggs???) for my tastes …

It was Mini-Kraut’s idea that we boil and colour our own and my idea to use natural motifs and colourants…

P1150775 (2)

P1150777 (3)

The boiled eggs are rinsed in a vinegar/water (50/50) solution once cold enough to handle (makes the shells more porous so that they absorb more colour) and, together with their motifs, are wrapped in old tights and left to steep in the colouring infusions overnight.

P1150780 (2)

The results:

P1150791 (2)

Happy Easter from the orchard!

P1150797 (2)


16 thoughts on “Hedgerow hues and meadow motifs for Easter

  1. Lovely, such beautiful colours 🙂 It’s our first year trying to use natural dyes. I hope our Easter eggs turn out as well.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Danielle and welcome on board – I am so glad to have found your Gather Victoria blog – you have really inspirational content and great images, I shall enjoy following from afar 🙂


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