Meadowsweet Gingerade


Known as meadwort in the 14th century,

meadowsweet (Filipendula ulmaria)

has been used since Chaucer’s day for flavouring wine and beer…

and it makes a fine gingerade in this day and age too.

In my recipe for Meadowsweet Syrup,

just replace the lemons with as much fresh ginger as your taste dicates to make a really refreshing gingerade awash with meadowsweet’s honey, hay and almond aromas

(approx. 2 cm of root ginger, finely chopped, will give you a gentle gingerade, add more fresh ginger if you want more of a gingery kick).

Meadowsweet Syrup

2 thoughts on “Meadowsweet Gingerade

    • It is one well worth getting to know Hilda – has medicinal properties akin to aspirin and an unmistakeable honey-hay-almond scent – which means it also has a long history as a potpourri ingredient as well and was apparently the herb most favoured by England’s Queen Elizabeth I for strewing in her chambers 🙂 Look for it in soggy spots and damp places (river banks are good) – is in flower now through to about the end of August.


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