Snap, Crackle and Jelly

P1160597 P1160568 (2)

The season of lightning strikes and unseasonally high winds has been upon us here in Central Europe, which has meant an early start to the apple harvest in our orchard:

P1160580 (3)

Green apples are perfect for making apple jelly:


apple jelly plain,

apple jelly with orange,

apple jelly with ginger,

apple jelly with vanilla…

… and coming up at the weekend: apple and blackberry jelly.

Waste not, want not!


2 thoughts on “Snap, Crackle and Jelly

  1. I love your blog! I notice you have the “make and bake” cookbook! I’ve been searching for a recipe from this book for years! It was an old favourite. Is there a recipe for chocolate “porcupine” ? I would love a copy of it! Memories!

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  2. Hallo Julie, thank you for your kind comments. And yes, I do believe there is a chocolate porcupine recipe in the Make and Bake Cookbook – how funny that you should discover the book here. I will gladly scan you a copy of the recipe – let me have an email address to send it to – or if you prefer I will turn it into a post here on the blog? Best wishes, Katherine


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