Midsummer = Walnut Liqueur

The 21st of June was three months ago, the autumn equinox is all but upon us, it is time to filter and bottle the walnut liqueur…

An Edible Landscape

It is time:

Midsummer, the Feast of St John, the summer solstice,

call it what you will, it is time to make walnut liqueur…

Green walnuts with copyright P1160383 (2)P1130563 (3)

Of the many recipes for walnut liqueur, this one leans on the Croation version, known as Orahovac.

… and you will thank me for this come Christmas!


Images of the finished product courtesy of www.taylorsphotosafaris.co.uk

Walnut Liqueur, Croatian-Style

Green walnuts, unblemished                    12 to 15

Neutrally-flavoured alcohol

such as vodka or a neutral grappa            700 ml

Raw brown sugar                                           250 g

Vanilla pods                                                      2

  1. Sterilise a large preserving jar by filling it with boiling water and leaving to stand for at least 5 minutes before emptying and leaving to cool somewhat.
  2. Rinse the walnuts and then cut in half (or into quarters if they are large).
  3. Place the walnuts in the preserving jar together with…

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