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Me in a nutshell: Katherine Taylor, a graduate translator and trained cook with a passion for all things culinary. My roots are southern African but my family tree has English and now German branches.

Germany? Because that is where the winds of change carried me. And then I met and married Hermann the German. No, he’s not really called Hermann (but his grandfather was), he is just very proud of having no digital footprint at all, which I of course respect. And now we have the Mini-Kraut too (he will have enough time to define his own profiles and footprints in due course…).

Franconia? In the northern part of southern Germany, it is that part of Bavaria that does not want to be part of Bavaria. Local politics aside, it is more or less one big fruit (and vegetable) garden here. Growing up amongst guavas, mulberries and mangoes in what is present-day Zimbabwe, things like cherries, plums and walnuts were the “exotics” for me. Consequently, decades later, when I put down roots here in the heart of Europe (we are more or less midway between Lisbon and Moscow and equidistant from the Baltic and the Mediterranean) only to discover orchard upon orchard of cherries, apples and plums right on my doorstep, not to mention the quinces, the sloes and the elderberries on the wayside, I truly felt that I had moved into the Garden of Eden!

And that is when a multitude of strands from my past started to weave themselves into a wonky basket always ready for pickings from the edible landscape where I live. Almost all of our excursions are done by bicycle, the produce carried home in backpacks, bike bags and bike baskets. In addition to having worked with the local nature society as volunteers for the preservation of a traditional orchard on the other side of the hill from where we live, we are custodians of our own orchard with two picturesque hectares of fruit trees, meadows and hedgerows.

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So, join me – together with Hermann the German and Mini-Kraut – on our forays through the seasons and scenery in the edible landscape we live in.

As for my cooking, the certificates are there for clicking on below if you wish, or you can take it from Mini-Kraut (in a moment of frustration at my parental power to thwart his intentions on occasion):

“Mummy, I think you are really terrible. Except at cooking, you are good at that”.

„Mummy ich finde Du bist ganz schrecklich. Außer beim Kochen, da bist Du gut“.

Interview with German Food Blogs:

Leith's Certificate Food Hygiene CertWine Acad CertNachweis_Cover (2) Nachweis_Inside (2)



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    • Hello Annabel, thanks for visiting! And yes, I know you are from Mvurwi ‘coz I have been following you there on the banks of the Zambezi since discovering your WONDERFUL blog earlier this year 🙂 And I grew up not that far away from Mvurwi (and much the same age as you I suspect): Chinhoyi mostly, a long-established Lomagundi family on my mother’s side, And I worked in tourism in Zimbabwe in the 1990s, Victoria Falls was a second home for a while, and hence I follow your amazing achievements on the banks of the Zambezi with a great many mixed emotions. I have no family left in Zimbabwe at all now, some of us rest there forever and the rest are the proverbial scatterlings of Africa. Your blog is a link to another life for me, and such quality writing to boot 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Wow! What a small world, Katherine! 🙂 I so appreciate your kind words about my blog. It’s a labour of love, to be sure … as is the cooking, gardening and foraging in our special Zambezi Valley. 🙂 I look forward to staying in touch. All the very best to you, Annabel xo

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