Change: our only constant

Twenty years in Germany.

I have never lived in any one place for so long.

Life, death, love, loss, employment, unemployment. Marriage, motherhood and middle age.

I feel I have lived my entire adult life in these twenty years. And yet there were thirty-five fulfilled years of constant change before that.

These twenty years have been a bonus for they began with an armed hijack at the end of March 2001, two days before I left Cape Town. A survived hijack that catapaulted me into the last twenty years.

A new language, changed perspectives, deeper understandings. Old skills in new fields. New skills in unfamiliar surroundings. Abandoned comfort zones and newfound truths. Blessings and challenges. All constant reminders: the only constant is change.

Good news, again

The Earth is getting greener

globe of Earth from North Pole perspective


A recent interview in my local paper here in Germany with Austrian mountaineering legend Reinhold Messner reminded me to get this piece of good news out there. In amongst Messner’s many interesting perspectives in the interview (here’s the original if you are fact-checking as you should be 😉 came the mantra-like “Large areas of desertification, in North Africa in particular, are increasing…

In fact, the Earth is getting greener.

Take a look at this from April 2016:

Revisited by Lonely Planet this year, 2019:

Makes you think, doesn’t it?


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