“Gastroprose” – love it, don’t you?

And it is the perfect word for the elegantly enticing contents in the new Frances Bissell book from Serif Books: The Floral Baker.

My copy arrived this last weekend and has had me enthralled: as well as notes on floral flavours and ingredients (including make-your-own and suppliers where relevant), The Floral Baker includes a very do-able alternative to the gum Arabic method for crystallising flowers, and then goes on to combine lavender, jasmine, saffron, rosewater, wild garlic blossom and marigolds, for example, with caramel, chocolate, cheeses, walnuts and almonds, for instance, in all manner of breads, buns, loaves, muffins, scones, shortcakes and shortbreads, tarts and cakes, as well as pastries and biscuits, sweet and savoury…

… and it even features Melktert, which instantly warmed my southern African heart 🙂

The predecessor to this book – The Scented Kitchen – is also profiled here in My Basket of Books: let yourself be inspired!


The Floral Baker


2 thoughts on ““Gastroprose” – love it, don’t you?

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