Apple rings… remember them?

I periodically forget about them and when I do make them again I wonder why I do not do it more often – they are so more-ish, easy and especially good for using up apples that have gone floury, or for the last offerings from the apple tree…

Apple rings P1140466

1) Wash and core the apples, then slice no more than a couple of millimetres thick. Drizzle with fresh lemon juice or apple juice.

2) Spread out thinly on a large baking sheet and dry in a fan oven at about 80°C for a couple of hours, turning occasionally, until leathery.

3) Store in an airtight-container – these make a very more-ish, guilt-free snack!


6 thoughts on “Apple rings… remember them?

    • Yes, I am indeed spoilt with all the apples and as I am not a great fan of just apples for eating I am always looking for things to do with them 🙂 And nice to you have you following from Bahrain 🙂


  1. I have just finished making a huge pile of these. They are so sweet and delicious, and now I should have enough to get us through the winter months.


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