Tradition in Translation: Black Forest Gateau

Hermann the German’s birthday is the week before Christmas and to make sure his day does not get drowned out by the pre-Christmas drum roll I always make his most favourite cake of all for his birthday: a Black Forest Gateau.

For dedicated fans of the Black Forest Gateau the following link is full of details for purist debate (“a much maligned work of Germanic genius, or a dish best left with steak diane back in 1976?“) as well as the recipe for what Guardian cookery writer Felicity Cloake considers to be The Perfect Black Forest Gateau:

The pragmatist in me has little truck with “The Perfect anything” and so our version is tweaked, with a smattering of personal touches too – like homemade chocolate-covered brandied cherries… and this year we added the forest for good measure…

It goes without saying that we feel our version to be up there in the “Germanic genius” category: it keeps Hermann the German happy 🙂

Black Forest Gateau_with forest

Black Forest Gateau_the mixture Black Forest Gateau_the cake Black Forest Gateau_the cherries Black Forest Gateau_the cherry juice Black Forest Gateau_cherries and syrup Black Forest Gateau_the chocolate-covered cherries

Black Forest Gateau

6 thoughts on “Tradition in Translation: Black Forest Gateau

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  3. We’ll try to time our next visit for this wonderful celebration… (as if we needed any further incentives!)


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