Making way for spring: Membrillo Chutney

My favourite equinox of the year is upon us here in the northern hemisphere!

 And so I have been rationalising the last of the autumn to make way for the spring:

 P1140640 (3)

Membrillo, or quince paste:

I made masses of it last autumn and so still had loads left (yes, it does keep that long…)

 But what I did not make enough of last year was

Quince Chutney

– golden, garlicky and quintessentially delicious…

 P1150684 (2)

So to get me through to the next quince crop I took the stored membrillo,

cooked it up with glühwein – the last half a litre,

as well as root ginger, much garlic, red wine vinegar and a dose of sea salt.

The result:

 Membrillo Chutney

P1150739 (3)

It is so good I shall be making it as part of my quince chutney programme this coming autumn.

And then I shall share my recipe with you too.

 But for now: spring is here with a host of green and yellow flavours all of its own!

17_03_2014 Spiekeroog_hell

4 thoughts on “Making way for spring: Membrillo Chutney

    • Indeed – as experiments go this one was certainly a success. The consistency is “chutney-ketchup with chunky bits” depending on how finely you chop the onions. And works well as a dressing over leafy/cheesy/fruity/nutty salads 🙂

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