Enjoying Autumn

P1150570 (2)

Waiting for spring and enjoying the fruits of last autumn as I work my way through the remaining jars of

Pears in Rosemary Syrup

P1140202 (3)

and Swedish-Style Ginger Pears

P1140293 (2)

still stashed away in the cellar …

 … and one of our favourites at the moment is

Chocolate and Pear Cake

 (Has some great added benefits too – that rosemary-pear syrup makes a great cordial diluted with water – think “mild ginger beer” and you are pretty much there!)

Here’s the link to the Chocolate and Pear Cake recipe in its non-tweaked form:


 With a couple of tweaks from me as an added extra:

– lightly roast the nuts before using as per the recipe – it just makes them so much more nutty…

– hand chopping the chocolate will give you a “chocolate chip” cake as per the recipe image; blitzing the chocolate in a blender will give you chocolate cake… take your pick and enjoy either way!

P1150567 (4)


4 thoughts on “Enjoying Autumn

  1. Wow – those Pears look absolutely delicious…..but I have to say the cake takes the ah…top spot! Looks super tasty Kath…

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  2. Such pretty food! I’m a little jealous, as spring is coming here, and as much as I’m a positive person, I do dread summer. But then, the summer garden makes it all worthwhile!

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