Contemplating Quinces

Its that quince time of year again!



And I’m thinking: Quince & Honey Sorbet this weekend:

P1170380 (2)

You will find plenty more quince inspiration here under Recipe Index, 

P1170254 (3)

or you can just subscribe to all this mellow fruitfulness and have Quince Jam or Quince Jelly delivered to your door from our

Online Orchard Shop




4 thoughts on “Contemplating Quinces

  1. My very favourite fruit. I have resurrected all my jam and paste/cheese recipes that use quince recently. I bought a ‘slow cooker’ and I don’t use it for casseroles. It is magic for jams and quince paste. (And I always put quince in casseroles instead of potato.


  2. What?! I have never heard of that! Now I need to try it! Quince instead of potatoes!? My two trees made only a few fruit because they are somewhat new, but the original tree that I grew them from makes more fruit than can be used. I thought of using them as potatoes, but that is all I did. I do not know much about cooking anyway.

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    • Welcome Tony! Am honoured to be able to introduce you to the wealth of wonders quinces are capable of… and it looks like you might be able to bring me a bit more up to speed on matters horticultural 🙂

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