Advent: Fading Light and Candle Light

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This weekend sees the start of Advent, counting the weeks to the shortest day here in the northern hemisphere with a candle every Sunday.

The word Advent comes from the German “An der Wend”, meaning “at the turning point”, namely the Winter Solstice on 21 December (in the northern hemisphere…), the point at which we turn the corner towards the light half of the year again…

Typically featuring four candles representing the four seasons enjoyed during the course of the year, the candles on the Advent wreath are lit one at a time on each of the four Sundays preceding the “Wend”, the Winter Solstice, now ‘Christianised’ as Christmas Eve (in Germany) or Christmas Day (in the Anglo Saxon realm).

Some of the enduring symbolism of this time of year includes circles (circle of time), evergreen greenery (enduring life) and candles (light)…

Advent candle with copyright

… and the walnuts?

They are an invitation to come and enjoy some seasonal walnut treats: Recipes from an Edible Landscape

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